Thursday, March 17, 2016

Beauty Swiftly Passing (but worth making)

Passing Beauty
A friend of mine sat in a small tent for three days. For three days she would start the day with sand and a plate and spend the day creating a piece of art as people walked through the tent to observe and interact with her. At the end, she would ceremonially destroy the created work. 

The beauty she meticulously created in a small tent under the southern Summer sun was fleeting, but memorable. The beauty we create in this world may not last. Making that moment may take longer than it's duration. It does not make it less beautiful or less worthy. Sometimes it makes it more precious knowing that you were there to see something and be a part of something.

Keep creating beauty. Do not worry about how long it lasts. Some beauty remains for centuries and others mere moments. All beauty is worth the effort.

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