Sunday, March 13, 2016

Among the Trees Where Dreams Come True

Among the Trees
Near Chicago is a theater that was built recently. It had a grand opening celebration that one of the architects who was involved in the lighting design did not get to be a part of. It was her first project with this company, but she left the firm and moved on to better things before she could see this beautiful project come to fruition.

She went there and was sitting in a fascinating space filled with natural light and explaining the design to me when an older woman sat near us. The older woman asked us what we thought of the space.

She replies that she "may" have designed the lighting. She explained the vision now to not only me, but the older woman and her husband.

The tour almost took us to a balcony/catwalk that surrounded the outside of the building. It was closed off and locked off and you could see her disappointment of not being able to see the balcony/catwalk. She told us how it was part of the vision of making one feel they were among the trees. Part of nature. But we were restricted from the access.

A little later on we were in another room that could be rented for gatherings and...we found a door that could get her to the catwalk/balcony. I used my wallet to keep the door from locking behind us as she walked the catwalk to the corner. Her face lit up as she got to see the finished dream and she stood in wonder...among the trees.

Many of us will start good works and we may never get to see the dream fulfilled. Sometimes the dream will be brought to life and we are locked away from seeing it even though we helped craft the wonder and the reality. However, once in awhile, we just may find a way to see the dream come true. Sometimes a door is forgotten and a lock can be overridden with a wallet. Sometimes we get to tell out story and have it celebrated as we experience the joy of life among the trees.

Even if you do not get to see the fruits of your labor, know the labor is worth it and you may see the dream fulfilled.

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