Saturday, March 19, 2016

About Saturdays and Whimsy

So this project is now about to finish the third week.

I am slowly learning what works and what does not. The video Saturday's are not working. Everything else seems to finding it's stride.

It is rather like all the attempts we have had at seeing things in 3d or virtual reality.

Some things work and some things....don't.

So. On Saturdays, We will find our stride in other things. For today, I am showing a picture of a throwback of yesterday. Something that we would view today and possibly scoff at the execution. But if we think about some of out most amazing toys and gadgets today, they will look at quaint and silly 100 years from now. Outdated in most cases in about a decade or less.

That does not mean we should stop innovating. There is a reason you can still find Stereoscope kits and cards, it's kinda cool. Without it, we may not have ever had 3d movies and awkward VR helmets.

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